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The Countdown to Christmas

09 December 13

The countdown to Christmas has begun and everything in the business is as busy as ever!  We’re all working hard to ensure that great results are delivered and that we can start 2014 in a strong position. This is where I think the role of Finance within RB can make a difference. The RB graduate scheme looks for people who can change the game.  The role of finance has evolved over the years and we want individuals to join us who want to move away from the traditional supporting function to really adding value to the business. For me, adding value is about constantly challenging, thinking outside of the box and running with ideas from start to finish. There is always room for improvement and at RB, everyone is focused on trying new ideas and making a difference. There is nothing better than presenting your ideas, getting buy-in and seeing it through to execution. In Finance you’re critical in establishing these ideas but also working with others to recommend and implement improvements with your financial experience.

I’ve just returned from travelling around Eastern Europe where we have been performing an audit in several countries. When a business is made up of multiple offices, it’s critical to have good communication to share ideas and work together.  As part of my audit role we must present our findings back to the senior management teams in each market. This is never an easy task as we must inform them of potential control risks in their business departments. It’s important that you describe the points clearly and have the key information to hand should further detail be needed. A key learning I’ve taken from working in Audit is the different ways in which stakeholders want to have information presented to them and having to tailor your approach accordingly. A skill of presenting is being confident, succinct and providing the detail when it’s required. My graduate rotation in to Audit has given me the opportunity to be in meetings where decisions are made and strategy is formed – this exposure has been fantastic.

My recommendation to anyone applying to RB is to think when have you added value or developed an improvement. Present your ideas in the assessment process and sell yourself. Desire to make a difference for me is one of the things that sets apart an RB graduate to others.


My first RB blog

09 October 13

Hi my name is Hélène, and I am a Commercial graduate. I have just completed my first year of the graduate scheme in the UK business within the marketing department. During my time in marketing, I worked in the Surface Care and Disinfection team on Harpic and Dettol, two fantastic brands. The scope of projects I was given in this year was incredible, varying from NPD launches to exciting campaign executions and artwork development.

That's the great thing about the graduate scheme at RB, you are given a lot of responsibility from the start. While a lot of companies may say this in their job description, at RB it really is true! Also, with the fantastic portfolio of household and healthcare brands that RB possesses, you can get involved in some truly exciting projects. This for me is the selling point of the scheme at RB, as it gives each graduate the opportunity to take initiative, be entrepreneurial, and really contribute something to the business.

My main reason for choosing to work in the FMCG industry was that it allows you to see the impact of your work come to life in store and on the shelf. RB has not failed to prove this to me, even from a junior position. Although the work can be challenging, the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the company and the great team spirit helps you to not only overcome these challenges, but also to learn a lot.

After completing one year in marketing in the UK, I have been given the opportunity to work in Sales within the Spanish business in Barcelona. In the Barcelona business, I will be working in the shopper marketing team on personal care brands and Air Wick. I am truly excited not only to start this new role in sales, but also to discover another business, a different consumer and new market dynamics. The opportunity to complete two different functions in two different countries has been another of the best things about RB for me. As my goal is to have an international career, Spain seemed like a natural choice for me and allows me to use my language skills. If you’re looking to have an international career, RB can help you accomplish this. With so many offices across the globe, in both developing and developed markets, the door is open for you to experience what you want and where you want it! The possibility to have such an experience is interesting on so many levels - culturally, linguistically and for your career development.

After experiencing my first year in the business, if I had to use two words to describe the environment at RB they would be: fast and challenging:

Fast because ideas are aligned, implemented and executed in short timings. You could be presenting your ideas for a project one day, and the next day kicking off the execution of the idea! This is very unique to RB's style, as with many other companies, an NPD launch could take a year or two, whereas at RB it could take 6 months! That's one of the aspects that I like about RB, it allows you to see the fruits of your labour very quickly come to life in market.

I say challenging because even as a graduate you are given a lot of responsibility and visibility, and although there is a certain amount of pressure to perform, this also allows you to voice your opinions and propose your ideas if you believe something should be changed. My one piece of advice would be to be prepared to be thrown in the deep end.

Overall, I believe that a career at RB is both demanding and very rewarding! So if you enjoy tackling challenges in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, then RB could be the place for you.


My first RB blog

12 September 13

Hi there. I’m sat writing this blog on a train travelling from Belgium to Amsterdam. Having visited both, I’ve learnt how despite sharing a border, two countries can differ greatly in terms of store portfolio and customer buying behaviour. As I said in my video, my current role involves a lot of travelling, something that I really enjoy. This allows me to see many different parts of Europe and learn first-hand how cultures differ from country to country.  RB truly is a global firm and as a result, meetings are often made up of people from all over the world. I think this is fantastic as the combination of such different experiences really allows for new idea generation and improves overall learning.

Since the filming I’ve been studying for my final CIMA exam. As part of the RB Finance Graduate scheme, graduates can choose to study CIMA in order to become a qualified accountant. The course takes roughly 2 years, depending on the exams taken and on the individual. Qualifying is extremely hard work and requires studying during evenings and weekends. RB does however offer a great amount of support, both financially and in providing grads with study days and internal support for revision.  If you asked an accountant, I’m sure they’d tell you that although the exams are tough, the qualifications are something that can’t be taken away from you, making it all worth it.  For me the end is in sight and hopefully all the hard work will have paid off.  Fingers crossed!

Amsterdam is fast approaching so I best sign off but I’ll be sure to keep you updated on some of my exciting experiences over the next few months.



Welcome to my graduate blog

06 September 13

Hi there,

Welcome to my graduate blog. When you start in your first job, you don’t expect to star in a short film about yourself or be blogging about the role. But that's typical of RB, you don’t always know what's around the corner.

In my film, I talked about the launch of a new Finish product for 2013, which I was fortunate enough to head up. What I didn't see coming round the corner was that it would later be described as one of the biggest launches for RB in 2013. What I also didn’t see coming was being tasked with launching a brand new ad campaign that would later be rolled out around Europe. There's lots I wouldn’t have expected I’d do.

But that's RB, and that's been RB since I first arrived and joined the graduate scheme before successfully progressing to my current role as Senior Brand Manager.

If you’re thinking of applying and want to know whether you'll be a good fit, ask yourself whether you like surprises and whether you enjoy the thrill of responding with pace and purpose. That's a good place to start. If that is you, and you decide to apply, don’t forget to then write down your stories that demonstrate these abilities. Don’t forget also to bring your smile and enthusiasm...Pace and purpose counts for nothing without positivity and passion.