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Welcome to my graduate blog

06 September 13

Hi there,

Welcome to my graduate blog. When you start in your first job, you don’t expect to star in a short film about yourself or be blogging about the role. But that's typical of RB, you don’t always know what's around the corner.

In my film, I talked about the launch of a new Finish product for 2013, which I was fortunate enough to head up. What I didn't see coming round the corner was that it would later be described as one of the biggest launches for RB in 2013. What I also didn’t see coming was being tasked with launching a brand new ad campaign that would later be rolled out around Europe. There's lots I wouldn’t have expected I’d do.

But that's RB, and that's been RB since I first arrived and joined the graduate scheme before successfully progressing to my current role as Senior Brand Manager.

If you’re thinking of applying and want to know whether you'll be a good fit, ask yourself whether you like surprises and whether you enjoy the thrill of responding with pace and purpose. That's a good place to start. If that is you, and you decide to apply, don’t forget to then write down your stories that demonstrate these abilities. Don’t forget also to bring your smile and enthusiasm...Pace and purpose counts for nothing without positivity and passion.