Meet the Game Changers

Hélène changed the game by
creating an online home for a household name

I always knew I wanted to work in FMCG marketing. I’d spent two summer internships with a branding consultancy while studying for a degree in psychology and Spanish at UCL, and this had given me a real taste for it.

When it came to looking for somewhere to launch my career, there were several things that made Reckitt Benckiser stand out. The biggest one was the portfolio of globally renowned brands. Most of them I instantly recognised. A lot of them I’d already used. This made the company very attractive to me. Another major factor was the variety the graduate scheme offered, especially the fact that you got to work in both marketing and sales. The chance to work in other countries was also a big draw, as my goal is to have an international career.

Many companies say they offer graduates early responsibility. RB genuinely do. Right from the start, I had opportunities to propose ideas for new product development, recommend artwork for different products, and give my view on TV copy and campaigns. All my contributions were taken onboard.

In September 2012, I started working on the Harpic brand. One thing I noticed immediately was that it didn’t have its own website. I feel it’s important for any brand to have an online platform these days, so within my first few weeks I seized the initiative and set about trying to create one for Harpic. My objective was a website where consumers could find useful information about our products and our campaigns – and where we in turn could interact with our consumers.

This being the RB graduate scheme, I was given complete responsibility and autonomy to shape the site from start to finish. I had to make decisions about everything from target group to content to creative. I had already been on a digital course as part of the scheme, and was able to apply much of what I learnt. I also gained lots of insight through working with our various agency partners as well as our own digital team.

Over the course of the project, I built relationships with a number of people internally and externally, and we had regular meetings to review proposals and make amends to the campaign. This ensured we were always doing the best and most cost-effective thing.

The result of all this was that I successfully launched Harpic’s first ever website, and created a highly engaging space for UK consumers.

That’s how I changed the game.