Meet the Game Changers

Duncan changed the game by
taking his knowledge all around Europe

My first taste of RB came through a summer internship. During the internship, I gained experience in a selection of finance functions and was impressed with what I saw. I was particularly attracted by the fast-moving ethos of the company, and the rate at which everything progressed.

Since joining the graduate scheme, I have been able to broaden my experience further, working in commercial finance and in one of our factories before becoming an internal auditor. Throughout the scheme, I have been encouraged to contribute my own ideas and find new ways to drive improvements. I have also had opportunities on many of my projects to work closely with senior management.

In my current role as an internal auditor, I get to visit a different European country each month. My job is to evaluate the business in that country, identify any potential risks, and feed back to the local general manager and finance director with commercial recommendations. I usually spend the first week of each month planning for the audit, then the next two weeks performing fieldwork and the final week writing up reports.

No two countries’ businesses are the same. So to be good in this role, you have to be able to recognise what makes each market unique and build up an understanding of how each business operates in a very short space of time.

I’m helped here by my experiences working in supply and sales finance, which I gained earlier on in the graduate scheme. These experiences gave me an extensive knowledge of the tools and processes common to all our businesses. I am able to use that knowledge to adapt to different markets and to deliver commercially viable solutions wherever I go.

And that’s not all. This knowledge also enabled me to design a specific test that can highlight risks and areas for improvement across all departments of a country’s business.

That’s how I’m changing the game. 

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