Meet the Game Changers

Mike changed the game by
giving finish the best possible start

I joined the Reckitt Benckiser graduate scheme after doing a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of York. I am currently a senior brand manager within air care, which involves looking after the immediate and long-term health of my brand, including advertising, packaging design, budgeting and new product development.

Looking back at my time on the graduate scheme, the thing that strikes me most is just how much responsibility I was given at such an early stage in my career. One day, I’d be presenting to 50, 100 or maybe even 300 people. The next I’d be building strong working relationships with professionals who already had significant experience under their belts.

Then, while I was working as a junior brand manager, I was handed the mammoth task of re-launching Finish Quantum in Europe and the US. Finish is the world’s leading automatic dishwashing brand and the re-launch was a company priority at the time. Obviously, I wanted to make as much impact as possible in the 12 months I was leading the project. So I didn’t just do what my job description asked me to. I threw myself headfirst into almost every aspect of the project, and made sure not a single stone was left unturned.

The result was a 360-degree campaign that challenged pretty much every brand norm. There were exciting brand firsts in social media and in-store activation. I designed and implemented shelf trays in a category where they’re very rarely used. I also helped secure record engagement scores for our new Facebook launch.

It was undoubtedly the biggest challenge of my career so far. But it was worth it and I have helped Finish Quantum achieve unprecedented value sales growth in the UK.

That’s how I changed the game.